Join the Team

Thanks for expressing interest in this new program! Your decision to apply to Overture shows a lot of initiative, and we’re always excited to have new staff writers and artists join our team.

Below is the Overture staff member application, which you must complete in its entirety in order to be considered. In your application, be sure to focus on expressing interest and enthusiasm! You must attach a sample of your writing and art!

Click the link below to access the application document. Go to File – Make a Copy of the view-only document. Then, fill out your own application and email it to

Overture Application

Below is the Overture staff member permission slip, which you must have your parent or guardian sign to be published. Download and print the Word document and have you and your parent or guardian sign where indicated. Bring the hard copy to Ms. Niksch’s room, Room 22. 

Overture Permission Slip

Below is the Overture Incoming Member Questionnaire. It will help us tailor activities to your wants and needs and help us get to know you better!

Overture Questionnaire

Let us know if you have any questions at all about the program or about the application by emailing us at Good luck!

“Overture was a great experience for me as it provided me with a chance to improve on my writing skills. [Joining] Overture gave me the opportunity to receive helpful criticism from peers and also see the work of others and learn from them.” –Aileen Lu

“Being a part of Overture has been an amazing experience. I got a chance to write more, and get feedback I could use to edit my piece to make it even better. It really was a great opportunity for me.” –Nikita Seth

Overture has given me much inspiration and all these wonderful new ideas to write and draw about. Overture truly brings out a youth’s potential in writing poetry, fiction, and art pieces.” –Emily Ye

Overture really helps my child focus more on writing and drawing and improve with the edit workshops. This magazine is the seed of her inspiration.” –Maggie Yan, mother of Emily Ye

“I always had fun in Overture. I love writing, and when I heard about the program I was so excited! Overture is an amazing afterschool program.” –Emily Chen

Have a quote about your Overture experiences you want to share? E-mail it to