Current Progress

Below is an ongoing record of Overture Literary Magazine meetings at Miller Middle School. Each meeting is centered around a theme, or focus based on editor observations regarding the improvement of our staff members. From this focus, each activity is crafted to cater to the specific needs of our members, and contributes to the overall goal of improvement in both prose and artistry. 


Back-to-School Bash – 9.21.18

Today at the Back-to-School Bash, the editorial board reached out to students at Miller Middle School and encouraged them to apply for this magazine. There were a lot of students and families who expressed their interest; thank you to everyone who filled out our interest form! If you would like to receive email updates, please sign up at our interest form here.

Informational Meeting – 9.25.18

focus: embracing creativity and a free thought process

At Overture’s 2018-2019 informational meeting, our staff members were introduced to the format of Overture meetings, the publication cycle, and the application process. Club members wrote one sentence stories on topics of their choice, then illustrated them with one-stroke drawings. Members shared their pieces in small groups and used the “two star, one wish” method (two positive aspects, one aspect with room for improvement) to give and receive feedback. The presentation is linked here.


First Activity Meeting – 10.9.18

focus: crafting realistic dialogue

At our first activity meeting, our staff members were each given examples of common societal interactions; they then crafted conversations based off of their own interpretations of each scenario. They were told to write dialogue based on the way they speak. Then, they incorporated their dialogues into provided narratives. Although it was a challenge to effectively and smoothly weave dialogue into stories that had already been created, they did a wonderful job. The presentation is linked here.


First Editing Meeting – 10.23.18

focus: peer feedback (editing techniques)

At our first editing meeting of the school year, our members each brought 3 copies of their work (either art or prose). Then, pieces were chosen by their peers at random and edited using a comprehensive editing guide linked here. We then shared common problems and highlights, went over the editing process, and talked about implementing feedback. The presentation is linked here.


Activity Meeting – 11.6.18

focus: “showing” vs “telling”

At this meeting, we went over the use of descriptions, imagery, and examples as opposed to generic statements. Then, we simulated a political election using the electoral college system to combine the integrate of Election Day with the focus of showing vs telling; we had “candidates” give speeches where one obviously incorporated blanket statements and vague adjectives and the other used specific examples and details. The members were asked to reflect on how “showing” made a candidate more credible. Then, members converted simple “telling” phrases into “showing phrases” by adding imagery, descriptions, and examples. The presentation is linked here.