2020-2021 Artists and Writers: Aaron Ma, Alyssa Laughter, Amanda Jin, Anusha Shringi, Ashley Louie, Avani Khanvilkar, Avani Tibrewal, Benjamin Zhang, Charlotta Dai, Daniel Drabovskiy, Daphne Zhu, Eileen Zhao, Genevieve Yates, Grace Ker, Helen Wu, Himani Kunjal, Isaiah Sit, John Jou, Kaylee Kwok, Kevin Zhu, Madison Chan, Mahati Ramakrishnan, Michelle Yu, Mina Ene, Naina Subrahmanyan, Narain Bala, Nethra Suresh, Ojas Kothari, Olivia (Yuxi) Yuan, Ruxi Ion, Samantha Tai, Sana Sangwan, Shalini Subramanian, Veda Mungara, Vidhi Gupta, Xing Xi Li


The Editors-in-Chief are responsible for leading bimonthly meetings at Miller Middle School, developing beneficial art and writing activities for staff members, leading workshop sessions, editing staff work, creating monthly issues, and developing marketing and PR strategies throughout the year through press opportunities as well as initiatives on the Miller Middle School campus.

Assistant Editors are responsible for assisting the Editor-in-Chief and collaborating with other editors to plan and lead engaging meetings, edit staff member work, and improve their own leadership skills in the process. Every Assistant Editor has the opportunity to become Editor-in-Chief after three successful years in the position. 

The leadership of the Editor-in-Chief paired with the assistance and collaboration of Assistant Editors is a vital aspect to the Overture family. 


*Editors-in-Chief are bolded

2011-2012: Roopa Shankar, Kimberly Tan, Hima Rajana

2012-2013: Kimberly Tan, Hima Rajana, Indu Pereira

2013-2014: Hima Rajana, Indu Pereira

2014-2015: Hima Rajana, Indu Pereira, Alina Ying, Raksha Narasimhan

2015-2016: Indu Pereira, Alina Ying, Raksha Narasimhan, Kavya Balaji

2016-2017: Alina Ying, Raksha Narasimhan, Kavya Balaji, Divya Pereira

2017-2018: Raksha Narasimhan, Kavya Balaji, Divya Pereira

2018-2019: Kavya Balaji, Divya Pereira, Helina Li

2019-2020: Divya Pereira, Helina Li, Elizabeth Cheng

2020-2021: Helina Li, Elizabeth Cheng, Samantha Leong

Helina Li (Editor-in-Chief) | Helina Li is currently a junior at Lynbrook High School. She joined Overture during her first year in middle school, eager to improve her writing, discuss work with fellow creators, and be inspired by others. Her passion for writing began in elementary school, when she discovered that she could use it to express emotions she couldn’t describe through other mediums— additionally, through writing, she could leave behind her own mundane world for just a little while. Helina became an assistant editor with hopes to inspire and help writers and artists, mirroring her own experience as an Overture member in middle school— and also, throughout this process, she hopes to learn and grow.

Elizabeth Cheng (Assistant Editor) | Elizabeth Cheng is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School and joined Overture in her eighth-grade year at Miller to learn more about writing and art while receiving an opportunity to get her work published. A small poster in her language arts classroom about Overture led her to join something much greater, a place where her creativity could finally run free. She has always enjoyed writing, whether it is poems about current issues or an entire novel during the month of November. During her next four years as an editor for the club, Elizabeth hopes to inspire young writers and artists to create pieces that they never thought they could before.

Samantha Leong (Assistant Editor) | Samantha Leong is currently a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. She joined Overture in eighth grade at Miller. She discovered her love for writing in elementary school, and has written ever since. She enjoys reading and writing novels, as well as writing short stories. Samantha hopes that as an editor, she is able to help other students discover the joys of writing as she did.

2011-2012 Members

Kimberly Tan | Kimberly is currently a junior at Stanford University and has been writing prose and poetry for as long as she can remember. From entering Reading Rainbow contests in second grade to envisioning this literary magazine, writing has been an intrinsic part of her life. She hopes to use Overture to not only to share her love for writing with other youth, but also to foster literary talent and creativity and to engender a passion in others that will last a lifetime.

Roopa Shankar | Roopa is now a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Marketing & Communication at the Wharton School of Business. Roopa has been passionate about writing since she was 10. Having explored several writing forms since her elementary school days, Roopa has decided that she is truly passionate about creative writing. Through Overture, Roopa hopes to ignite that spark of creativity that she believes is present within everyone!

Hiroko Niksch | Ms. Niksch currently teaches 8th grade Language Arts at Miller Middle School. She has had a lifelong love of literature, poetry, and art, and she has been producing work in all three forms for decades. She is very excited to see her former students leading this worthwhile endeavor and is pleased to have been invited to be a part of what she hopes will be an exciting journey.